Motorcycle Rider Safety Course

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The Motorcycle Rider and Safety State Program is conducted with Michigan Safety State Funds from a Grant administered by the Michigan Department of State.

 Our application will have our up to date class schedule. Registration starts a half hour before class.  Class starts promptly on the hour! 

Classes will be held at the old Wurtsmith Air Force Base in Oscoda. We offer a two day class. Applicants must attend all sessions of the class. The class requires that you attend 15 hours, that includes 5 hours for classroom and 10 hours on the Range.

Range Exercises Require that you have as a minimum the following equipment: (IOSCO RESA DOES NOT PROVIDE HELMETS)
DOT approved Helmet, Eye Protection (Glasses will do). Long Sleeve Shirt, Full Fingered Gloves, Long Pants and Over the Ankle Boots (NO TENNIS SHOES).

We are implementing the eCourse  Motor Cycle Safety Course.


What does this mean to you?

Once you register on line you will be emailed a code and an email address as to where to go online to sign up for the eCourse. You will take the course online, when you are done with the ecourse you will be able to print off a certificate. (if you don’t have a printer we suggest to take a picture of it with a phone, if you have one available to you). Bring certificate with you to class. (the ecourse code is good for 30 days prior to the class you signed up for)

IRESA does not supply computers for your use.

Registration must be done online. The cost for the motorcycle safety class is $50.00 and is nonrefundable.


Turn at the main entrance at blinking caution light off F-41 (across from Party & Food Center), stay to the left you will make an immediate left onto Perimeter Rd. (first road off Skeel Ave). 

Take Perimeter all the way to the end, you will go through 2 stop signs (cross roads Georgia & Mission)

At the end fo Perimeter turn right, turn left on Cordes (1st road), turn left on Ballor. White building with blue trim on the left side of road.