Student standing in front of the school store cart, which contains snacks that are for sale.
April: Matthew Tiffany Matthew is the son of Randy and Janice Tiffany. He is a senior at Tawas Area High School. He is a first year student in the Business Management program. Matthew defines what CTE is all about. He is mature beyond his years and will be a fantastic employee one day. Matthew has proven his work ethic by always completing his assignments on time, always volunteering for tasks, assisting other students when needed, and by being a natural leader in the classroom. Matthew has decided to enlist in the US Air Force after graduation where he will be sure to use his skills and maturity to be very successful in his role. He played a huge part in making the first year of the Business Management class a success, he will surely be missed!
Student standing with his welder by the welding booth.
March: William Collier Tawas Senior, William Collier, is the son of Crystal and William Collier. He is a second year student at the Iosco RESA Tech Center, and during his time at the Tech Center, William has immersed himself in every aspect of the Welding & Fabrication Program. He is a quiet leader who always leads by example. He consistently gets his projects done in a timely manner with accuracy and attention to detail. William does well also in the classroom and has turned in all of his assignments on time for two years. He recently completed his welding symbols and blueprint reading unit. He scored a 92% on his test and has his sights on going to Kalitta Air for their apprenticeship program next year. William is worthy of the honor of Student of the Month. He has the work ethic and leadership skill qualities that we hope every student will walk away with from the Tech Center.
Student stirring eggs in bowl.
February: Holly Daly Holly is the daughter of Brian Daly and Margo Nutt. She is a senior at Whittemore-Prescott Area Schools. She is a second year student in the Culinary Arts & Restaurant Management program. She is a true sous-chef in the kitchen. Holly is one of the class representatives on the Student Leadership Team in the Culinary class and the Tech Center where she has helped with planning and implementing student events. Holly is very hard-working and very dedicated to her goals. She never hesitates to help her fellow workers when needed and volunteers for extra tasks as well. She currently works at McDonalds, and has been accepted to Great Lakes Culinary at Northwestern Michigan College in Traverse City. Her goal is to earn her Chef’s degree in the Culinary Arts program and then a degree in Maritime Academy to move on to working on cruise ships.
Student in a welding booth posing as if welding.
January: Jack Lingo Jack is the son of Scott and Kimberly Lingo. He is a senior at Tawas Area Schools. He is a first year student in the Welding & Fabrication program. Jack started going over to the welding area from the Auto class at the end of last year, and he wanted to learn how to stick weld. He was a little hesitant working with this process because it is hot and throws a lot of sparks. Time ran out for the school year, but Jack came back and picked up where he left off. He is now showing other students how to weld in this process and has become one of the better welders. So much so, that he will be showing off his welding skills at the Delta College competition in March. Jack takes pride in his work and always strives to do his best in the classroom and welding booth.
Student using saw to cut a piece of lumber.
December: Samuel Olar Sam is the son of Renee and Keith Olar. He is a senior at Tawas Area Schools. He is a second year student in the Building Trades program. The greatest compliment his teacher can afford Sam is in the fact that not only would he strongly recommend him to any employer in need of an excellent employee, but would hire him himself. Sam's character is impeccable. He is honest, dedicated, reliable, and clearly leads by example. In the classroom, he fully completes his assignments and submits his work in a timely manner. On the job-site, it is obvious that he is a clear leader, his peers turn to him for direction and he is the first to volunteer for any task. Sam is also the first student to volunteer for IRESA school leadership activities and functions when we are in need of assistance. Sam's future aspiration is to attend ACC lineman program starting this fall and to become a member of the IBEW Lineman Apprenticeship program. Sam will surely be a welcome addition to the brotherhood and a bittersweet loss for the building trades program. Sam has, in a very short time, earned respect through his work ethics, attitude, and rarely found today, character.
Health Science student standing in front of skeleton and posters.
November: Sierra Rhode Sierra is the daughter of Nicole Weber and Jeff Rhode. She is a senior at Tawas Area Schools. Sierra is a first year student in the Health Science program. Her work ethic is beyond her age. Sierra not only completes in-class material, she participates in dual enrollment, and also attends work site with Iosco EMS and participates in ride-along activities. Additionally, she works at Iosco Medical Care Facility as a nursing assistant. Needless to say Sierra is hard-working and an absolute pleasure to have in class. She is always willing to lend her peers a hand and volunteers where needed.
Student sitting at desk with computer.
October: Aaron Ellis Aaron is the son of Todd and Farrhen Ellis. He is a junior at Oscoda Area High School. He is a first year student in the Business Management program. He came into the business class one week into the school year and was eager to be a part of our team. Aaron is always very professional, kind, and a pleasure to have in class. He is not only a fantastic student, but he is very artistic. Whenever Aaron has completed all of his work, he begins to draw. His artistic skills are so amazing and his passion for art is admirable. Aaron is learning that creativity has a big impact in business. Marketing is one of the large six functions of business, so this allows him to show his creativity, while still being involved in the business world! His teacher is very confident that Aaron is going to do big things and she is so honored to be able to help guide him into his future.
September: John Schley John is the grandson of Cheryl Schley. He is a senior at Tawas Area Schools. He is a second year student in the Building Trades program. In joining building trades, John’s goal was to achieve a potential career path as a construction general laborer. As such, daily tasks would be to assist carpenters in gathering and moving materials and tools, hand excavation of soils using a shovel, ensuring a clean worksite, and other manual labor activities. To date, John has far exceeded these expectations. Currently he has passed tool safety and performance tests for the Skill Saw, Compound Miter Saw, Rotary Drills, Battery and air powered nail guns. Within his crew, John is what we call the “Cut” man on his team. Members yell down measurements to him, he transfers the measurements using a tape measure to the material, and uses a skill saw or miter saw to make accurate cuts within a 1/16 of an inch for his crew. This is an exceptional task. Earlier this week he elevated to a height of twelve feet, and properly used an air nailer to attach lumber to the home projects vaulted ceilings. Measuring, cutting, and nailing are a “Carpenter’s” skills set and far exceeds that of a general laborer. John always steps up when asked and does more than his fair share when it is time to clean up for the day. Through his efforts, participation and hard work, John not only can be a general laborer, but a good Carpenter in the future!