Career & Technical Education

It is our goal to enhance the career opportunities of our students by providing a safe and secure environment in which instruction and experience will challenge the heart and intrigue the mind of every individual that attends our Tech Center. We will provide accommodations as needed for students with special needs. For example: Braille or large print textbooks, interpreters, wheelchair accessible desks, etc.


The Iosco Regional Educational Service Agency does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex (including sexual orientation and transgender identity), disability, age, religion, height, weight, marital or family status, military status, ancestry, genetic information or any other legally protected category, (collectively, "Protected Classes"), in its programs and activities, including employment opportunities. Title IX and 504 coordinator:  Hannah Wanks, 27 N. Rempert Road, Tawas City, MI, 989-362-3006 x1129.

Professional Student of the Month

Addison holding her student of the month certificate.
May: Addison Ludwig Addison is the daughter of Steve and Kerri Ludwig. She is a junior at Whittemore-Prescott Area Schools. She is a first year student in the Health Science program. She has been nominated for this award several times and continues to be deserving of this honor. Addison is the kind of student that all teachers long to teach. She is focused, organized, pleasant, smart, pushes herself by raising the bar high. She is not only present but attentive to her surroundings. She successfully completed her dual enrollment class with Alpena Community College while mastering our Health Science curriculum. She is a leader among her peers and respectful to staff, students, and others in our building. She comes to class prepared and ready to learn. We have enjoyed having her in our class this year and we are excited to see her come back next fall.
Culinary student who was working the concession area at the recent Mudslinger event is dipping chocolate to put on waffle stick.
April: Dawson Wood Dawson is the son of Lonnie and Stephanie Wood. He is a senior at Tawas Area Schools. Dawson is a first year student in the Culinary Arts & Restaurant Management program. He has been nominated in the past for this award and he was nominated again because he continues to be deserving of this honor. He is an exceptional student and continues to excel in the Culinary Program. He is one of those students that continues to make his teacher proud as he has improved his culinary skills since the beginning of the year. Dawson has taken his skills and developed them into achievements! He also has perfect attendance for the whole year! He will graduate in June and has recently started working at The Lodge restaurant in Tawas.
Hailee with Welding helmet and equipment.
March: Hailee Rose Hailee is the daughter of Gary and Kristy Rose. She is a junior at Tawas Area Schools. She is a first year student in the Power Mechanics program. Hailee has been nominated in the past for this award and she continues to deserve it. Hailee works in a male dominated field, but that doesn’t intimidate her. She continues to put in the hard academic work and applies those skills in the shop. She is eager to learn and grow as a mechanic. Hailee has already committed herself to coming back and learning how to weld next year. She simply is a sponge that will try to learn whatever she is shown. She has a great attitude and is always willing to help in whatever way she can. She exemplifies the character of a model Tech Center student!
Student working on a lawnmower.
February: Michael Koepke Michael is the son of Gary and Tricia Koepke and Billie Jo and Paul Ludwig. He is a senior at Hale Area Schools. He is a second year student in the Power Mechanics program. He is a great student who continues to grow in his mechanical and welding skills. Michael has learned to persevere through some adversities in the past couple of years while he has been a student at the Tech Center. Through it all, he has continued to keep his grades up, and provides leadership to the class as a second year student should. Michael is a joy to work with and his classmates flock to him for his mechanical wisdom. He is very deserving of this award.
Student of the Month, Kylie Sizemore, is sitting at a table working with elementary students.
January: Kylie Sizemore Kylie is the daughter of Brandy Sizemore and Todd Cline. She is a junior at Tawas Area Schools. She is a first year student in the Teacher Prep Academy program. "Ms. Kylie", as she is known to her students, is an absolutely wonderful first-year Cadet. Kylie was the first Cadet in the history of the program to ASK to attend Parent Teacher Conferences. She dressed up, attended, was even able to interact with parents at the conferences, and learned so much! Kylie has stayed AFTER SCHOOL at Clara Bolen to help decorate the hallways with a wintertime theme. Kylie consistently stays for extra amounts of time in her Host Classroom, while her Host Teacher is on prep, to ask how to create lesson plans and make accommodations for those students with special needs. When Kylie’s Host Teacher was out sick and had a sub, KYLIE RAN THE CLASS…and even created her own special Fire Safety Puppy Project since it was Fire Safety Week.
Picture of health science student, Addison Ludwig, standing next to a skeleton.
December: Addison Ludwig Addison is the daughter of Steve and Kerri Ludwig. She is a junior at Whittemore-Prescott Area Schools. She is a first year student in the Health Science program. She is very knowledgeable when it comes to health science. She is always willing to lend a hand to anyone who needs it. Addison continuously goes above and beyond inside and outside of the classroom. As a first year student, Addison is always seeking to excel, sometimes completing second year curriculum to test her knowledge. She is also enrolled in the dual enrollment Medical Law and Ethics course offered by ACC to students in the Health Science class. Addison volunteers any chance she can get; blood drive, student leadership, and IRESA tours. Addison has amazing work ethics and is always prepared the moment she steps in the door. We cannot wait to see what is in store for her in the future.
Building Trades student standing in front of the house they are building. Holding his award and coffee mug.
November: Ozmund Johnson Ozmund is the son of Bradley and Jane Johnson. He is a senior at Tawas Area Schools. Oz is a first year student in the Building Trades program. He has made remarkable strides as a first year building trades student developing the skills required to be a successful contractor. He is quick to volunteer for job-site tasks, takes on leadership roles without asking, self-motivated, and completes his classroom work ahead of deadlines. Oz has developed a solid working knowledge of the construction related tools and demonstrates excellent teamwork skills. He is someone who is called upon to lead and tackle challenging projects which is an exceptional trait for a year one construction trades student. He is most deserving of this award for his outstanding performance.
Student of the Month, Bethany Sides, is pictured working on an automobile.
October: Bethany Sides Bethany is the daughter of Dawn Sides and Martin Sides. She is a junior at Tawas Area Schools. Beth is a first year student in the Automotive Technology program. She has excelled in class and has proven her leadership skills by assisting the other students with specialty equipment, such as, On-Car Brake Lathe, proper use of the battery chargers, electronic battery/charging system tester, and Multi-Meter. Beth doesn’t shy away from any task in the lab/shop, she successfully replaced the front axle in a four-wheel drive SUV with another female student as the guys in the class shied away from the task. Beth was asked to be the student representative at the Automotive Advisory Board meeting. During the meeting she took the attendees on a tour of the facility; stopping at the different stations to explain how the students utilize the equipment on a daily basis. The advisory committee was very impressed with her representation of the program. Beth stated that she took the Automotive Technologies class because she “doesn’t want to rely on someone else to fix her vehicle”. Beth comes from a family with several generations in the automotive field, she feels it’s in her DNA, we tend to agree!