Career & Technical Education

It is our goal to enhance the career opportunities of our students by providing a safe and secure environment in which instruction and experience will challenge the heart and intrigue the mind of every individual that attends our Tech Center.


Professional Student of the Month

Photo of Janie Autry, April Student of the Month, standing by a bulletin board that she put up.
April: Janie Autry Janie is the daughter of Rachel Knott. She is a junior at Oscoda High School. She is a first year student in the Teacher Prep Academy program. She is the epitome of the Teacher Cadet Program! She has worked in 1st, 5th, and 8th grade classrooms. She was recently asked to return to a host classroom because she is so helpful and loved by her students. Her ever-present positive attitude is obvious when working one-on-one with her students, running centers, and running reading groups. The kids clamor to work with her. Janie is very passionate about the teaching profession and has grown in professionalism throughout the school year. She is already applying for scholarships to make sure she will be able to go to college to pursue her dream of being a teacher. It is exciting to think she may return to northeast Michigan as a teacher within our community someday.
Picture of February student of the month, Adam Hein, nailing boards.
February: Adam Hein Adam is the son of Tammy Kline and Justin Hein. He is a junior at Oscoda High School and is a first year student in the Building Trades program. He is an outstanding student. He excels academically and has excellent work habits for a young man. He has proven to be an excellent leader and team player who practices and demonstrates safe working habits. His attendance is exceptional and his eagerness to learn is a welcome plus. Adam exemplifies the soft skills sought by contractors including respect for others, responsibility for his actions, safety, timeliness, hardworking, leadership and positive attitude. He always asks questions and is engaged in the projects while taking pride in whatever he is working on.
Photo of Brooke working with two students.
January: Brooke Pelton Brooke is the daughter of Angela Merritt. She is a junior at Hale High School. She is a first year student in the Teacher Preparation Academy program. She is a cadet in the elementary school. Right from the beginning she started out strong and is clearly a natural. Brooke is very motivated and a hard worker who is eager to learn. Brooke doesn’t wait to be told what to do, she listens to her host teachers, and then jumps into action. She actively monitors the classroom, walks around, and recognizes who needs help. Brooke also helped the K-6 staff prepare for the Veteran’s Day Event where she displayed characteristics of an advanced teacher who understands the importance of including community in our schools.
Photo of Hannah who is the December Student of the Month for the Tech Center. She is standing next to a skeleton.
December: Hannah Hayes-Butterfield Hannah is the daughter of Simone Hayes and Richard Butterfield. She is a senior at Tawas Area High School. She is a second year student in the Health Science program. She excels academically and has exceptional work ethics. Hannah plans to continue her schooling to become a Registered Nurse and is currently dual enrolled with Baker College through the Health Science program. She has proven herself to be a great leader in class and coordinates the Health Science blood drives. She is attending work site at Ascension Hospital in the obstetrics department and has helped with many deliveries and care of the newborns with their mothers. During the 2017-18 school year, she became a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) and is now employed as a CNA at Medilodge.
November: Patrick Slowinski Patrick Slowinski November 2018 Professional Student of the Month Patrick is the son of Tammy Lauria and Gary Slowinski. He is a senior at Whittemore-Prescott High School. Patrick is a first year student in the Automotive Technology program. The year started off learning the basics of shop, tool and equipment safety then basic automotive tasks. Safety is a huge priority in Auto. The Automotive program is an ASE certified training facility so tasks are done at or about industry standards. Currently Patrick has covered a fair amount of the 175 tasks but the year is far from over and while he may have done quite a few things, it will take lots of perfect practice to get “good” at fixing cars. Patrick has already gained National certifications from S/P2, Valvoline and AllData but is gearing up for his first attempt to pass at least one of the nine possible ASE certifications at IRESA and then a tire certification after the new year. Speaking of the new year, Patrick and his classmates are looking forward to field trips, competitions and a newly formed auto club where they will be restoring a 1966 Mustang; but that’s after the Holidays. For now, he’s focused on completing more shop assignments, studying for auto exams and practicing for auto hands-on exams. He’s really likely to have the fastest tire time in all the classes without any penalties.
Photo of Tyler Stockford, October Student of the Month
October: Tyler Stockford Tyler is the son of Tim and Sandra Stockford and is a senior at Hale Area High School. He is an outstanding student. He has participated in the Power Mechanics program for three years. He exemplifies all of the qualities the Tech Center teaches its students. His attendance has been exceptionally good and he received an attendance award last school year because of it. Tyler also excels academically. He ended the first quarter with an “A” and has shown academic growth in each unit. He uses his skills to diagnose and repair engines of every size and shape. Tyler also helps first and second year students with their engines and always is willing to help anyone with anything.
Photo of our student of the month, Richelle Johnson from Health Science, standing next to a skeleton.
September: Richelle Johnson Richelle is the granddaughter of Amy Miller and is a senior at Whittemore-Prescott Area High School. She is a second year student in the Health Science Program. Richelle continues to be a professional, mature role model for her fellow classmates and is always willing to help others. She is very personable, responsible and full of energy. Like last year, she excels academically. She is CEO of the Health Science class and is a member of the Student Leadership Team. She organizes and runs the blood drives very efficiently. This year she will be going to worksite for audiology and medical assisting. She is also enrolling in Baker College for dual enrollment through the Health Science program. She is an all-around outstanding student! She is also very active at her high school and participates in cheerleading, bowling, drama, FCCLA a community service group, SADD--students against destructive decisions, and YAC.