Career & Technical Education

It is our goal to enhance the career opportunities of our students by providing a safe and secure environment in which instruction and experience will challenge the heart and intrigue the mind of every individual that attends our Tech Center.


Professional Student of the Month

October: Kaylia Nelkie Kylia is the daughter of Alan and Valerie Nelkie. She is a junior at Tawas Area High School and a first year student in the Power Mechanics program. Her presence in the class is nothing short of outstanding. She is very determined to be the best mechanic, welder, and fabricator. Her work is first rate. Not only does she complete all of her projects ahead of schedule, but they are done with pride and quality. She is humble and works hard whether she is sweeping or welding. At the end of September, the students were challenged to create a new entryway display. Kylia was the only student to volunteer to do this. She has welded and fabricated the Minion pictured above. This will not only be a great addition to showcase the spirit of the Tech Center, but it’s also a great credit to Kylia’s work ethic.
September: Hailey Knack Hailey is the daughter of Sasha Knack. She is a senior at Tawas Area High School and a second year student in the Teacher Prep Academy program. Currently, she is working in a lower elementary Special Education class with Host Teacher, Ms. Spencer. She is learning various aspects of the Special Education students’ needs and has put into practice what she is learning and even makes recommendations on strategies to use with individuals. This Cadet works one on one with her students and they respond very well to her. One of Hailey’s best features is her ability to share with the other Cadets what she is learning. She is truly an inspiration to them. Hailey is very mature. She holds jobs at both The Lodge and Subway, but manages to keep her homework as a priority.