Pupil Accounting

Pupil Accounting Forms

If you are not able to access these forms, please call our office at 989-362-3006 and we will provide you with a copy.

Excel DocumentAbsence Form Early Childhood 1754
Excel DocumentAbsence Form Early Childhood 1755 
Excel DocumentAbsence Form Early Childhood 1862
Excel DocumentAdd Transfer 
Word DocumentBirth Certificate Affidavit
Excel DocumentBirth Certificate Verification
Excel DocumentCooperative Education
Excel DocumentCount Dates
Excel DocumentDays and Clock 
Word DocumentDocumentation Checklist for AEA
Word DocumentDocumentation Checklist for IRESA Special 
Word DocumentDocuments Checklist for El, Middle, and High School
Excel DocumentDual Enrollment
Excel DocumentEarly College Middle College
Excel DocumentElementary Absence Form
Excel DocumentExpanded On-Line Learning 21f and 5OD of PAM
Excel DocumentExperiential Learning
Word DocumentForeign Exchange Pupils
Excel DocumentHale Middle and High School Absence Form
Excel DocumentHome Based
Excel DocumentHome Based Teacher Log
Excel DocumentHomebound/Hospitalized
Excel DocumentHomebound/Hospitalized Teacher Log
Excel DocumentIn-School Suspension
Word DocumentLocal District Planning Form
Excel DocumentMiddle/High School Count Day Absence
Excel DocumentNonpublic and Home Schooled Pupils
Excel DocumentOscoda Elementary Count Day Absence
Excel DocumentPart Time Pupils
Excel DocumentReduced Schedule
Excel DocumentReduced Schedule Request and Approval
Excel DocumentSchools of Choice
Excel DocumentSeat Time Waivers
Excel DocumentSeat Time Waivers AEA
Word DocumentSection 21f Enrollment Request Form 
Excel DocumentSection 25e FTE Transfer Request Form   
Excel DocumentShortened School Day Special Ed
Excel DocumentSpecial Education Transition
Excel DocumentSplit Schedule
Excel DocumentSuspended Expelled Within 45 Days
Excel DocumentTeacher of Record 2-Way Contact Form
Excel DocumentVerification Statement
Excel DocumentVirtual Learning Pupil List
Excel DocumentWork Based Pupils
Word DocumentWork Based Training Plan
Word DocumentWork Based Training Agreement CTE
Word DocumentWork Based Training Agreement Non-CTE
Word DocumentWork Based Placement Agreement In-District
Excel DocumentWorksheets A&B