Teacher Preparation Academy

Instructor:  Kelly Frank

The Teacher Preparation Academy offers opportunities to work with a variety of students and teachers at different grade levels, develop actual lessons and activities, and gain teacher experience while earning academic and college credit. This program is designed to expand options for students interested in a career in teaching. The Academy pairs future teachers with mentor teachers to provide students with experiences in all aspects of school-related activities from board and parent/teacher meetings to classroom and professional development experiences. Students will be exposed to a variety of topics related to education. They include classroom teaching strategies, classroom management, State of Michigan Curriculum Framework, brain research, and more. In a process based on interviews, discussions, portfolios of student work, demonstrations, field trips, and actual teaching experiences, students will gain a realistic understanding of teaching as a career.

College Articulations (If all requirements are met and fulfilled by Cadets):

Delta College - 6 credits
CMU, Ferris, Oakland, & SVSU - 3 credits through statewide articulation agreement

Advisory Slideshows
Winter 2022-23 
Spring 2022-23   


Teacher Prep Students In Action

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Teacher Prep Students In Action