Student of the Month

March student of the month cheyanne weidman

March: Cheyanne Weidman

Cheyanne is the granddaughter of Pamela Schult. She is a junior at Oscoda Area High School. She is a first year student in the Culinary Arts & Restaurant Management program. Cheyanne is very eager to continue her career in the food and hospitality industry. She is a leader in the classroom, and is always eager to share her skills, as well as guide, and help her classmates. Cheyanne is first to volunteer for extra duties in the program. She is part of the Student Leadership Committee for the IRESA Tech Center and is always first to sign up for extra projects outside of the classroom. Cheyanne attended the ProStart State Invitational this year as a first year student. The judges were very impressed with her skill level. We are looking forward to her returning in the fall to watch her accomplish even more. Cheyanne will do great things in her future!

December student of the month Nicholas Bruning

December: Nicholas Bruning

Nicholas is the son of Jennifer and Raymond Bruning, II. He is a senior at Tawas Area High School. Nick is a first year student in the Health Science II program. He is an excellent example of Professional Student of the Month: mature, responsible, organized. He also excels academically. Nick attends worksite at the EMS Dispatch two days a week and does EMS ride-alongs one day a week. This summer he completed his EMT training and is waiting to take his national boards. Nick has become quite a leader in the classroom. He helps other students to comprehend the curriculum. He is involved with MI Blood drives and various activities in the class. Upon graduation, Nick plans on working as an EMT and potentially at dispatch, too.

January student of the month Alyssa Runyan

January Student of the Month

Alyssa is the daughter of Wes and Julie Runyan, and is a junior at Tawas Area High School. She is a first year student in the Teacher Prep Academy program. Alyssa is an awesome Teacher Cadet who takes on every challenge and learns from each opportunity! She currently works with Clara Bolen’s Special Education Host Teacher, Mrs. Davis. Being in Special Education requires Ms. Alyssa to work within several K-4 general-ed classrooms and work one-on-one with high needs students in a contained classroom as well. The schedule is nothing short of insane, but she keeps everything organized, and works in an organized and peaceful manner wherever she goes. While others might be intimidated by the stress of keeping so many students, their needs, and their whereabouts straight, Ms. Alyssa just smiles and does the tasks in front of her. Ms. Alyssa’s Host Teacher, wrote of her in her evaluation, “Alyssa is a thoughtful and insightful cadet student. She is able to see which students need the most help and find a way to support that student without "over helping". She does a good job helping the student think through the steps of the problem and encourages them to use their learning tools that are available.” Ms. Alyssa goes above and beyond what is expected! Currently, Teacher Cadets are creating learning board games. Ms. Alyssa’s game is not the typical Candy Land style, she actually BUILT a PLINKO board and has made special addition math facts (touch dot) color-coded game cards to best teach her students in a fun and interactive way. It’s just amazing!

February student of the month Dreyton Williams

February: Dreyton Williams

Dreyton is the son of Lucas and Colleen Williams. He is a senior at Oscoda Area High School. He is a second year student in the Business Management program. Dreyton has consistently demonstrated outstanding academic performance, leadership qualities, and dedication to his extracurricular activities. He excels in his academics, always participating actively in class discussions and assignments. Dreyton took the lead easily with our school store this year showing the new students what it takes to run the mobile cart. Additionally, his positive attitude and willingness to help his peers make him a valuable member of our school community. Outside of the classroom, Dreyton is involved in various extracurricular activities, taking on leadership roles and contributing to the overall success of the school clubs and teams he participates in. Overall, Dreyton is a shining example of what it means to be a well-rounded student, excelling both academically and socially. His hard work, positive spirit, and dedication to his studies makes him a deserving candidate for Student of the Month.

November: Bryson Melrose

November: Bryson Melrose

Bryson is the son of Robert & Autumn Melrose and Shannon & Corey Michaud. He is a senior at Whittemore-Prescott Area Schools. He is a second year student in the Welding & Fabrication program. He is a very charismatic student who loves to come to the Tech Center and weld. He is a natural leader who inspires others to be involved and do their best. Bryson is academically sound and always is at the top of the class. When he struggles he searches out the answers and problem solves on his own. Bryson looks for ways to be involved and has always eagerly participated in the student leadership team. He freely talks with other students from other schools and is very friendly. This year Bryson has created a fabrication drawing of the bike rack he is hoping the Alabaster Parks & Recreation Committee will choose for their bike path. Bryson also is starting to work on a 6-foot-tall Christmas tree for the lobby of the Tech Center. He is leading this project with the help of the other level 2 welding students. Overall, Bryson is a great representative of the leadership qualities we are trying to instill in every student here at the Tech Center.

October: Logan Williams

October: Logan Williams

Logan is the son of Cari and Ben Travis and Adam Williams. He is a junior at Oscoda Area Schools. Logan is a first year student in the Health Science program. He is a nontraditional student who has gone above and beyond since day one. Logan comes to class every single day, dressed and ready to begin learning. He is always the first to volunteer for a skill or activity. Logan has a strong work ethic and his willingness to work hard shows in his demeanor. Currently, Logan is ahead of the game, asking what we will be learning next and has already completed the next three units of our online curriculum. Logan is certified in Heartsaver; CPR/First Aid/AED, Stop the Bleed, OSHA, Confidentiality and HIPAA all completed only in the short time we have been in school. He uses his time wisely in class and asks questions when others are afraid to ask themselves. Logan’s goal is to have a career in Sports Medicine and we see a bright future ahead for him.

September: Mason Pace-Muckenthaler

September: Mason Pace-Muckenthaler

Mason is the son of Alexis and Michael Muckenthaler. He is a senior at Whittemore-Prescott Area Schools. He is a second year student in the Welding & Fabrication program. Mason is a quiet leader who always leads by example. He works very hard to improve his welding skills every day, and his peers seek him out for help with their own welding skills. Mason is very easy to get along with and always has a positive attitude. Getting to know Mason has been very rewarding. He has played his guitar and sang for his class on occasion and has inspired his classmates to step out of their comfort zone and be themselves. Mason has the talent and determination to become a first class welder, and represents what the Tech Center is all about.