Early Childhood Special Education Program (ECSEP) 

Services and programs for children ages 3-5 are designed to support and meet the child’s educational needs.Children may receive specially designed instruction from a special education teacher, or they may receive related services such as speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, etc. The goal is to work with the child to enable them to succeed in an educational environment.

Services for children ages 3-5 are provided in an educational setting. Once a child nears the age of 3 years, transition into this setting is planned and implemented. Options include:

General Education Preschool Classroom (e.g. Head Start, Great Start Readiness Program, private preschool)
Early Childhood Special Education Preschool Classroom

The Early Childhood Special Education staff will work with you to determine the most appropriate setting for delivering services to your child

- Preschool Referral

Autumn Spencer
Preschool Teacher (Hale)
(989) 728-3551 x149

Stacie Perkins
Preschool Teacher (Oscoda)
(989) 739-8610