Request for Bids

Residential Foundation Request for Bids

The Iosco Regional Educational Service Agency (IRESA) is soliciting sealed bid  proposals for Contractors to perform excavation, fill and residential foundation  construction activities near the Rempert Road / M-55 facility in Tawas City, MI. The  contract will include the aforementioned activities necessary to install a poured concrete  residential foundation in support of the proposed residential construction project to  eventually be completed by the IRESA Building Trades program. The 2,368+/- SF home (area includes attached garage) is to be constructed over a crawl space and requires  excavation of approximately 693+/- CY of clay spoils that is to be relocated elsewhere on  the site. 500+/- CY of new clean sand backfill will be required to be transported and  placed on the site. Finally a poured concrete footing and foundation wall will also then  be constructed. The plans and specifications cover all of the work. Bid bonds are  required. Payment and performance bonds will be required. Drawings, details and  specifications have been prepared. Davis-Bacon wage rates will not apply. There will be no organized site visit. Bids will be accepted until 1:00 PM, Friday, March 24, 2023 at the Superintendent’s Office, at 27 N. Rempert Road, Tawas City, MI 48763, after which time  they will be publicly opened and read. Deliberation will take place at the next school  board meeting after due diligence has been performed on the low bidder(s). Bids are to  be submitted in a sealed envelope marked as, “IRESA Building Trades Residential  Foundation Bid”. The Bid Form will be required to be  used in the bid process, and it contains specifics regarding insurance, bonding, etc.  Documents will be available beginning March 8, 2023 from IRESA Tech Center, 27 N. Rempert, Tawas City, MI 48763,  (989) 860-0987.  You may also access documents online at the IRESA home web page  The Owner reserves the right  to accept or reject any or all bids, however it is intended to make award of a firm, fixed price contract to the lowest responsive and responsible bidder based upon the rules  outlined in the Bid Form. Construction is intended to commence after May 1, 2023. The project must be completed no later than August  30, 2023 when students return for the next school year. No construction estimate has been calculated.


AIA Payment Form

AIA Statement of Values

Blueprints for house

Detail Drawings